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  • Golfgeezer

    Dr. Lee is very professional, knowledgeable, and comfortable to be with and speak openly.
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  • Dr Lee is one of the best doctors I have had for any of my surgeries I would recommend him to anyone
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  • Shawn M

    Dr. Lee was professional, friendly, and insightful. After a delayed diagnosis from my primary, Dr. Lee was proactive in seeing me, diagnosing, and scheduling my surgery. He used cutting edge technology to repair my injury and stop any further damage. Would strongly recommend him to anyone needng a n...
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  • Esther

    Dr. Lee has the best bedside manner of any surgeon I have ever been associated with. He is ready to answer any questions I had. He even 2 phone calls with me to answer any questions I ever had. And his surgical skills are good. I am healing beautifully.
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  • Marlyn S M

    I am grateful to Dr Lee for surgically repairing my back compression fractures and taking me from being mostly bedridden to functioning normally again with no pain!
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  • Warren K

    I had a lumbar cyst. After unsuccessful attempts were made to administer cortisone, Dr. Lee and I decided on a microdiscectomy and decompression to help with the significant glute and leg pains. Dr. Lee was open to discuss every option and was appropriately conservative about each step leading to th...
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  • I’ve had chronic lower back pain radiating to my foot for years. Dr Lee provided a number of options in an honest, no-nonsense,and realistic manner. He made sure I was comfortable with each option and had all the information to make an educated decision. He also made time to answer all my question...
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  • Dr Lee was a very caring and patient doctor he got me in for surgery in a very timely manor and followed up when I came home. I would highly recommend his services!
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  • Dora T

    Dr. Lee was so professional, but also very personable and caring. After performing my back surgery, he has been there for me, by appointments or phone calls. He has helped to give me back my quality of life. I would recommend him to anyone.
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  • 2 years ago Dr Lee took me through my options on a neck issue I had. While surgery was the last option it became the best. 2 years later I am pain free and able to do more than I could physically than in the previous 10 years.
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