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John B.

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    I have had 6 back surgeries in the last 14 years & the last 2 were done by Dr. Lee. I can only wish that he had done the first few because I likely would not have needed the last two! I met Dr. Lee after being admitted thru the ER & had to have surgery the next morning. I am so blessed that they assigned Dr. Lee to perform it! Today I am 6 weeks out from my 2nd surg. with him & 2nd lumbar fusion, & will never let another surgeon touch my back as long as I live! Every member of CarePoint that I have interacted with has been amazing! From Matt on the phone, to Alicia the best nurse ever, to Nikki the PA, & all the others who have helped out at one point or another, I owe them the most gratitude I can even imagine! They all function as 1 cohesive unit & you can feel the enthusiasm to want to genuinely help thru every turn! Dr Lee has an amazing bedside manner that will put your mind at ease. I would brag them up all day if allowed more room in this review! Trust me and look no further!
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