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  • John B.

    I have had 6 back surgeries in the last 14 years & the last 2 were done by Dr. Lee. I can only wish that he had done the first few because I likely would not have needed the last two! I met Dr. Lee after being admitted thru the ER & had to have surgery the next morning. I am so blessed that they ass...
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  • Jacque B

    I couldn't be happier with Dr. Lee. Beginning in the hospital when we met he was personable, thorough in presenting a diagnosis and treatment options, welcomed questions, was reassuring and even showed a sense of humor. My surgery went well and I have complete confidence in his knowledge and skill.
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  • Dave R

    Went to Dr Lee for a C5 / 6 disc replacement - experience was awesome!
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  • Richard S

    Dr.Lee was incredible. Great manner and makes it easy to understand the entire surgery procedure and expectations. Talented Surgeon. Thank you again Dr. Lee!
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  • Carrie b

    He’s very thorough and knowledgeable. Also a very friendly doctor.
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  • Theresa S

    I credit Dr Lee for giving me my life back. I went from not being able to ambulate at all to walking 10,000 steps a day a few months after a hemi hip replacement. Dr Lee is not only brilliant in his field, he is also a caring person. He made sure I understood everything. All staff at Care Point has ...
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  • Douglas C S

    Dr Lee took me on, lower back pain, very direct, very concerned about your outcome. Scheduling was fast, follow ups fast.... resolved pain issue first operation. Their was no silly stuff, just very the point... surgery complete. I would return to Dr. Lee and his staff if in need of any s...
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  • Soozie L

    My first visit I was skeptical he was so business and only business. But the more I saw him more personality he showed. I am totally comfortable with him now and feel like I can truly share with him what I am feeling now. My back hasn’t felt this good years. Thank you Dr Lee.
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  • Tiffany

    Dr. Lee takes the time to discuss your procedure thoroughly, and in layman‘s terms, so you understand what's going on. He also takes the time to listen and answer all of your questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great doctor!!
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  • Deb M

    Dr Lee is one of the most brilliant, caring, competent - orthopedic spine surgeons I have ever met. I am beyond thankful for his knowledge and ‘his plan’ to repair my injuries. Dr Lee listens & shares his plan to surgically fix/repair the problem. Dr Lee’s after surgery care is on going he sta...
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